Maine Medical Marijuana Program Caregivers Family

At Lovelight Medicinals we strive to provide the highest quality medicinal products without the use of harmful chemicals.  Our other main focus is sustainability.

The flowers we produce are grown using No-till and living soil practices.  While we are not certified organic, we do not use anything that could harm the environment or the precious soil life that enables our plants to grow to their full potential.  By working with the soil food web using the latest research on growing healthy, nutrient dense crops, we produce plants at peak health.  The health of a plant will determine if a plant will be attacked by pests or disease.  Our plants' health frees us from having to resort to pesticides or any rescue chemicals to try and save a crop.  We release predatory insects into the plants' environment to make sure there are never any problems.

Pesticide use is a commonplace in almost all commercial grows due to poor plant health.  Problems arise rapidly in chemical systems and require more chemicals to save a crop.

The healthier a plant is the more energy it can focus on making medicinal compounds.  Cannabis grown using the methods we use are known to have higher Cannabinoid and terpene content compared to their chemically grown counterparts.  The smoke is smooth and flavorful.  Each strain having its very own distinctive nose and taste.  The effects Cannabis medicine are also more pronounced in medicine produced in a living symbiotic relationship between soil and the plant.

Our concentrates come in two forms as of now: CO2 extract and Ice Water Extract. Both are concentrated from the plants we grow.  We do not believe in using harmful solvents to produce medicine.  Natural terpenes from the plant that the oil was extracted from make our cartridges very special.

All of our tinctures, capsules and topicals are made using our CO2 extracted oil of Maine grown hemp, CO2 extracted high THC oil and Colorado CBD isolate. 

Thank you for taking time to check us out!!!!!  We hope to meet you soon!!!

Tim & Jaime